The Walker Express Wash

$55 Cars/ $65 Sm Suv,Truck/ $80 3rdRow/Full Size Truck

  • Hand wash / Clean front grill and mirrors (clean bugs from grill and mirror) * Wheel and rim cleaning (plus tire shine)
  • Blow areas that hold water with compressed air
  • Apply protectant to exterior paint for shine
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Wipe down door jams
  • Window cleaning (interior / exterior)
  • Wipe down dashboard / cup holders
The Kid Full Service Wash Plus

$115 Cars/ $125 Sm Suv,Truck/ $140 3rdRow/Full Size Truck

Express Wash Plus *Includes Walker Express Wash*
  • Clay bar to remove impurities from paint
  • Spray air freshener (customer choice)
  • Hand apply wax
The Teenager Interior Detail Only

$115 Cars/ $125 Sm Suv,Truck/ $140 3rdRow/Full Size Truck

Interior Detail
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Steam Clean Interior (Detailed cleaning, including the dash vent, trim panels, and cup holders) 'Shampoo Carpets and Seats
  • Leather cleaning and reconditioning (If applies)
  • Headliner Spot Cleaning
  • Wipe down door jams
  • Apply protectant to all interior surfaces to restore shine & luster
  • Window cleaning — inside and out
The Grown-Up Full Detail (The Walker,Kid,Teenager)

$150 Cars/ $175 Sm Suv,Truck/ $190 3rdRow/Full Size Truck

Ad Ons
  • *Fabric Protection *This method will help repel liquids from staining fabric* $20
  • *Seat Reconditioning "Will prevent cracks and fading in leather* $25
  • 'Machine Applied Wax 'This method will evenly spread wax* $35
  • Interior Dressing *Shine to all leather, plastic, rubber* $40
  • Engine Bay Cleaning *Clean under hood white covering critical parts* $30
  • Ozone Odor Treatment *Gets rid of bad smells in fabric and carpet* $20
Build Your Own Package

If you don't find a package to fit your needs just let us know and we'll gladly help you build a package to meet your satisfaction.