The Walker Express Wash

$55 Cars/ $65 Sm Suv,Truck/ $90 3rdRow/Full Size Truck

  • Hand wash / Clean front grill and mirrors (clean bugs from grill and mirror) * Wheel and rim cleaning (plus tire shine)
  • Blow areas that hold water with compressed air
  • Apply protectant to exterior paint for shine
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Wipe down door jams
  • Window cleaning (interior / exterior)
  • Wipe down dashboard / cup holders
The Kid Full Service Wash Plus

$115 Cars/ $125 Sm Suv,Truck/ $140 3rdRow/Full Size Truck

Express Wash Plus *Includes Walker Express Wash*
  • Clay bar to remove impurities from paint
  • Hand apply wax
The Teenager Interior Detail Only

$115 Cars/ $125 Sm Suv,Truck/ $140 3rdRow/Full Size Truck

Interior Detail
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Clean Interior (Detailed cleaning, including the dash vent, trim panels, and cup holders) 'Shampoo Carpets and Seats
  • Leather cleaning and reconditioning (If applies)
  • Headliner Spot Cleaning
  • Wipe down door jams
  • Apply protectant to all interior surfaces to restore shine & luster
  • Window cleaning — inside and out
The Grown-Up Full Detail

$160 Cars/ $175 Sm Suv,Truck/ $190 3rdRow/Full Size Truck


Clean Windows, Vacuum, Clean A/C Vents, Clean Center Console and Door Pockets, Put Protectant on Rubber, Vinyl, or Plastic Parts, Recondition Leather  


Wash Exterior, Wash Tires and Rims, Apply Tire Shine, Clean Windows, Clay Bar and Wax, Clean Bugs From Grill, Apply Protectant On Rubber and Plastic Parts


Headlight Restoration $35.00 Cleans away yellowing and stained lens

Machine Wax Only (No Wash) $80.00 Apply wax using buffer 

Ozone Odor Treatment $25.00 Gets rid of bad smells in fabric

Engine Bay Cleaning $40.00 Clean engine bay area

Interior Dressing $40.00 Shine all vinyl, plastic, rubber parts

Machine Applied Wax with wash $40.00 This method will evenly spread wax on exterior

Seat Reconditioning $40.00 We will clean and put a leather conditioner on seats to extend the life of the leather

Fabric Protection $25.00 This method will help repel liquids from staining fabric

Build Your Own Package

If you don't find a package to fit your needs just let us know and we'll gladly help you build a package to meet your satisfaction.